Friday, May 30, 2008


My day at the museum was quiet compared to Memorial Day on Monday. We had very few visitors during the time I was there. I found the most interesting visitor was a Colonel from Shawnee, KS, stationed at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. He and his wife and young son toured the museum and stopped at the gift shop where I visited with them. The Colonel had met his wife in Germany where she was residing with her military father. She said she was an Army brat. Another interesting visitor was from Germany and spoke no English. He was accompanied by an English speaking man and they were visiting all the museums in Oklahoma City. I was impressed by mothers with toddlers visiting the museum. The fathers were not in the armed services, just mothers on an outing with their child. Some of the volunteers were talking about my picture that was on the front page of the local newspaper taken during the Memorial Day ceremony. The picture was so small that everyone had used a magnifying glass. I couldn't tell it was me until someone pointed it out to me. Everyone at the museum, either volunteers or staff, are so helpful and knowledgeable about the museum. It is a pleasure to work with all of them.

I started mowing my grass after coming home from the museum on Thursday and finished the entire yard today. A man came and edged and weedeated. The yard looks so nice and I have flowers in bloom. It won't be too much longer here in Oklahoma that everything will be parched from the hot temperatures and everything will turn brown. We have had several thunderstorms lately that has made everything green and lush.

Tonight Keith, Kelly, and I went to Poblano's, a Mexican restaurant, for dinner. We all had a Margarita and felt so refreshed after drinking it. The dinner was very satifying and filling. I had eaten very little all day and I ate like a pig, everything put in front of me, I ate. Keith and Kelly had had a very busy day and they both were relaxed and rested after our dinner.

I am looking forward to my trip to Tulsa on Monday and Tuesday. We first go to Firelake Casino in Shawnee and then on to the Cherokee Casino for the night and next day. I probably won't post to my blog until after I get back on Wednesday. If I don't win on this trip, maybe I will the next time. I won't give up until I am one of the "lucky few" who hit it big at the casino. I only hope I live long enough to enjoy a big win.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My life has been hectic the last three days by choice.

Saturday was a "girlfriend day" and Geneva and I made the most of it!!! We started out early and ended up when we couldn't think of anything else to do. First, we went to the 32nd Annual Paseo Arts Festival where we enjoyed ourselves walking from one artist's booth to another. There were so many colorful art displays and so many colorful artists. It was a lovely, sunny day and the art festival drew a large crowd, both for viewing the art and for the variety of food places you could eat at. We chose to eat indoors at a very artsy place, and while eating, we watched the people walk by, some with their dogs. Geneva's daughter was dancing with her dancing class and we watched Susie dance two numbers. Susie knew her routine and was enjoying herself so much. Her husband was there to watch his wife perform, in addition to Geneva and I. By the end of the dancing we were getting warm sitting out under the sun and decided we had seen and done enough there. We were both thirsty and decided to go to some bar and get a Margarita to cool off. Two older women looking for a bar and not knowing where to find one was a sight you had to see for yourself. We looked all up and down Western and couldn't find one that was open. Then we went to May Avenue and found "Cousins" bar and grill and it was open for business. The Margarita was so refreshing but oh so potent. I was giggling and slurring my words before I finished the drink. It didn't affect Geneva and I am glad because she was the "designated driver." She brought me home where I slept and awakened ready to go again. We talked on the telephone and decided to meet at City Bites and get a baked potato. When we finished eating the potato, we decided to go to Braum's and get a hot fudge sundae. We had our day made and had such fun being together.

On Sunday I went to the cemetery and placed flowers on George's grave. A flag was placed on his grave by a cemetery employee. All those who have died and who once served in the armed services are honored this way. The cemetery was beautiful with all the grasses so green and all the colorful flowers and wreaths placed on the many gravesites. It has a special meaning to go to the cemetery on Memorial Day, not only is it a day to honor those who died for our freedom, but to honor all loved ones who precede us in death. George has been gone a little over five years and Keith and I have not missed going to honor him on this special day. The last few years Keith's fiancee, Kelly, has also honored George by visiting his grave on Memorial Day.

On Monday, Memorial Day, I volunteered at the Oklahoma 45th Infantry Division Museum. A beautiful and touching ceremony was held there on the lawn with a band, speakers, a flyover, canon being shot, Color Guard, and the introduction of all armed services veterans in attendance. The museum's curator was the moderator and one speaker was Major General LaRita Aragon, a female. I felt more patriotic by being in attendance than I ever have. I worked the day in the gift shop and the reception desk. I was very busy in both places and felt honored to have been there that day with all the unsung war heroes. I cannot place myself in the conditions that they fought under. It is inconceivable to me how any human can weather the conditions of war. I was tired when I got home after a day at the museum and my son and his fiancee brought dinner to me and it really hit the spot. I called friends to tell them about my rewarding day and called it a day. I was in bed earlier and slept better than I had for a long time. I was awakened by a thunder and lightning storm that went through around 2:00 a.m. but fell right back to sleep.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


How can I put into words the happiness I felt when they laid my first son into my arms on May 22, 1953. His father and I were wishing our first born would be a healthy, baby boy. We must have been living right because we got our wish, and named him Keith. Keith has been a son that all parents would like to have as their son. He has always been kind, respectable, considerate of others, a joy to be around., and never caused us any anguish. Now that his father is deceased, I have needed to ask his assistance and knowledge in many day-to-day happenings. He never puts me off and is there 24/7, even though he has a busy schedule as an attorney. His father and I have always been proud to call Keith SON.

Place of birthday dinner was Keith's call. He chose Rib Crib for all the ribs you can eat and boy did we ever eat the ribs. I am not telling but I think Keith ate more than his fiancee and I put together. It was a fun evening with just the three of us and after dinner we came back to my house for birthday cake. Kelly furnished the cake and it was delicious. I wish his brother and children could have been with us to celebrate. Maybe next year we can all be together.

I volunteered today at the military museum and, as usual, had a fun-filled day. We had several visitors and the one that was most interesting to me was from England. I made my first sale in the gift shop, a big $10.00 sale. I do like to work the gift shop and have volunteered to work on Monday, Memorial Day. The museum has a Memorial Day ceremony and many veterans and civilians attend. I understand there will be a band and speakers. I have never attended a ceremony before so don't know exactly what to expect. I will write about it in another posting to my blog. I took chocolate and lemon bundt cakes for the breakroom. All the guys thanked me and one told me it was very good and tasted like his mother makes. What a compliment to be compared to a mother's cooking. I think we all realize that our mother's cooking is the best. Too bad the children of today only know what fast food restaurant has the best food.

When I returned from dinner tonight, I was delighted to see that my former daughter-in-law and granddaughter had been here and filled my window boxes with lovely plants. Janie has a green thumb and helps me with my plants and on several occasions throughout the year brings me fresh cut flowers. She has always been thoughtful in this way. When I called to thank she and my granddaughter, I could tell they had received as much pleasure in doing these window boxes as I had in being on the receiving end of their thoughtfulness.

It is 11:14 pm as I post this on my blog and my eyes are becoming weary from looking at the computer screen. I still have housework to do before I go to bed.

I always love birthday celebrations, but the celebration of your first child's birthday is and always will be special. I have so many memories of all the good times I had going to school functions, all the baseball games I saw Keith play and pitch in and all the memories of when he made me a grandma for the first time. I now will have memories of what a thoughtful and kind fiancee Kelly is. She is a joy to be around.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have enjoyed the weather this weekend and as I am writing this post to my blog, the temperature is 82 degrees. I have been able to spend a lot of time outdoors, just taking in the beauty of the moment. All the trees and grass are at their greenest and a lot of flowers are in full bloom. I don't have too many flowers in my yard, but the Clematis vine is starting to bloom, and the Peonies are in full bloom. I look forward to the Clematis each year. My late husband planted it and took such good care of it while he was living, so I am trying to keep it thriving, just as he did. The blooms are deep purple and the vine completely covers the trellis that it climbs on. It takes so little care and comes back year after year.

I have friends at the museum who told me about their Martin birds and Hummingbirds that return year after year. I have only seen one lonely Hummingbird around my Rose of Sharon bush, so I bought a shepherd's hook and two Hummingbird feeders to try to entice more birds. I have only one window that looks out at the bush, so I placed the hook and feeders outside that window. I enjoy birds of all kinds, especially the flitting Hummingbirds, always looking for nectar from the blooms.

I have visited with friends this weekend and have had so much good food all weekend long. I haven't had time to be lonely for one second. My friend, Lorene, called today and asked me to go to Remington Park Casino with her. We went for one hour and, of course, neither of us won. You can't win if you don't try, but we saw no winners while we were there. One man told us, as we were walking in and he was walking out, that we should just go throw our money to them and leave.

The Preakness horse race was run yesterday, and, of course, Big Brown blew away the field. He won the Kentucky Derby race and all odds are that he will be the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years when Affirmed gave racing its 11th Triple Crown winner. I hope he stays healthy and uninjured until after the Belmont Stakes race (June 7th). We all saw what happened to Eight Belles when the filly broke both ankles and had to be euthanized on the field. You go Big Brown!!!

Tonight is a good TV night. The 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards is on. I understand one of Oklahoma's favorite country stars, Garth Brooks, is to receive an award and also perform. I was given Trisha Yearwood's (wife of Garth) recipe book for Mother's Day. I have enjoyed reading the recipes that she and Garth and her family have enjoyed for many years. The recipes are not for anyone dieting, all are good ole southern cooking recipes.

My son's fiancee is a very giving person and I found out just how giving she is -- yesterday I was wearing a necklace that she had given me and commented to her that her flip flop shoes matched my necklace. She kicked off the shoes and insisted that I keep them. She went home barefooted. Thanks Kelly for just being you and for being so generous. I am happy my son has you in his life.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Thursdays at the military museum is something I look forward to each week. Today was no exception, lots of interesting conversations. The volunteers are always interesting to sit and talk to. I always have Don and Ed at the desk with me. Because of their age difference, the conversation never gets boring. They are both knowledgeable about the museum's layout and can converse with all the guests and explain in detail about the different wars. I will never be knowledgeable enough to take guests on tours, but I can welcome them and make them feel that we are glad they are visiting the museum. Today we had several out of state visitors, and I do remember some from California, Kansas City, and Ft. Worth. I made chocolate chip cookies and took to the break room today. Everyone seemed to appreciate my gesture and all the guys thanked me. I will have to think of something else to make and take next week. I haven't had anyone to cook for since I became a widow and it was fun making cookies once again. I was shown how to work in the gift shop today. That will be a diversion from sitting at the reception desk. There are some unique 45th Thunderbird items for sale. I was also shown around the entire museum to acquaint me with the light switch in every room. There is no master switch. This building is too old for all the modern lighting techniques. After all, this building was a WPA project. I was sorry to hear that Norris, a man that I have a lot in common with, had a heart attack and had to have stents. He is home and doing OK. Norris and I went to the same elementary, junior high, and high school. We were not in the same grades and never met until recently at the museum. I wish him well. I visited with Mary Jane, Art, Bob, Bill, Mike, and Leon, in addition to the guys at the reception desk. Leon is very helpful with any questions I have. He has worked there for many years and seems to be liked by all the staff and volunteers. I am enjoying being with the new friends I have made at the museum.

I came home from the museum and finished my house chores that I left undone when I left this morning. I find that it doesn't take too long to clean for one person. I still hate the grocery shopping and running errands. I only shop when I am totally out of bread and milk. I had e-mails from friends to read and send on to others. I understand good weather is predicted for the next week. I am tired of the chilly, cold days. Of course, I will be wishing for the cool days when it reaches 90-100 degrees.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I didn't post in my blog yesterday as the day was uneventful and I had nothing to write about. I feel like the days are passing me by!! I must find activities outside my home to keep me busy. I want to be an interesting person, and to be interested in everything happening around me. I have enjoyed my Saturday outings with my son and his fiancee, but I don't want to become a pest. They need to enjoy their weekends without me imposing on their time to be together. Kelly brought pizza (Canadian bacon and pineapple) to me last night and that was very thoughtful of her. She is always doing thoughtful things for others.

I have had the most enjoyable day. My grandson is home until Wednesday and he came and mowed for me this morning. There was an agenda behind his willingness to mow....I had to provide breakfast before he could get started. He did a good job on my yard and then went running through the neighborhood as part of his strength endurance for playing soccer. He will be back to visit me one more time tonight before he goes to Edmond to stay the night at his mother's. He plans to spend Wednesday night at OSU with a friend before driving on to Sterling, KS where he will be a senior in the fall. A very good kid!!! Ryan and his mother (my former daughter-in-law) brought me a beautiful outdoor planter and a variety of plants for Mother's Day. Janie has always done very nice things for me for every occasion. We have stayed close since she is the mother of my two wonderful grandchildren.

I enjoyed e-mailing with old and new friends today. I love meeting new people and look forward to their e-mails, if they have a computer. I was one of the last people to get a computer and now I don't know what I would do without one. I was up bright and early this morning hoping to have new e-mails awaiting me, but was disappointed to find none. Maybe tomorrow!! Some friends don't read their e-mails daily, but I am pouncing on each and everyone I receive. Maybe I need to get a life. It is also fun to instant message with buddies. I have only a few buddies who communicate in this manner.

The U. S. postage rose from .41 to .42 yesterday and I had forgotten all about it. I had letters to mail today and I just happened to see in the morning paper about the postage increase. I had to make a trip to the P.O. to buy new stamps. I had a choice of designs and chose the Purple Heart (The Medal for the Combat Wounded). I am becoming so patriotic and part of that patriotism is from now volunteering at the 45th Infantry Division Museum. When you hear the veterans telling their stories and see all the equipment that they had to fight with through the different wars, it makes you have compassion where you never gave it much thought before. I truly am glad to be an American.

Today was the Oklahoma County voting for several proposals, one being the Tinker Field/General Motors proposal. I hope I understood the proposal and marked my ballot accurately. There has been a lot of discussion about this and I even had a telephone call saying that General Burpee, former Commander at Tinker,was against this proposal and thought it was a waste of taxpayers money.

I had called my CPA concerning the stimulus rebate and he returned my call today and assures me that I am to get the $600.00 allocated for a single taxpayer. There is so much confusion with this rebate. All my friends think I am to get $300.00, being a retired taxpayer. We will see.

I hope to have more to write about in the next posting.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This is a day all living and all deceased mothers should be honored. We have all had mothers!! My mother was Esther and was the most important person in my life up to the time I married and left the comfort of her arms. She was always there for me when I was a child, just as mothers should be. She took her responsibilities to me seriously and I never went hungry, she comforted me when I was ill or had skinned knees, and was there to take care of my child when I gave birth to my second child. When she became an invalid with the dreadful arthritis, I wasn't always there to make her more comfortable. My parents had moved to another town and it was impossible to be there for her when she needed me the most. She never complained or expected from us any more than we were able to do for her. Esther passed away in 1981 but I honor her memory today on Mother's Day.

Today I am the honored mother and my sons are always in touch with me and make me proud to be their mother. I hope when I am gone, both sons will be able to have good memories of me and know I did everything I could for them and expected nothing in return. Mothers do for their children willingly and unselfishly. I have been treated today with telephone calls, gifts, and taken to dinner. My friends (both old and new) have also called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. What more could a mother wish for?

I recently wrote in my blog about my friend, Geneva, being interested in trading her vehicle for a yellow Hummer and the fun we had that day when we actually sat in one. Yesterday when I was in Enid for the soccer tournament, we found a tee shirt that had a big yellow Hummer on the front and we couldn't resist the temptation to purchase it for her. I took it to her condo and left it while she was out to brunch with her family and she found it when she returned. She was delighted with it and thought it was ironic that we found it since it had just been recently when she and I had looked at a yellow Hummer. It is fun to be able to surprise someone and to enjoy in the delight when you do something unexpectedly for them. Geneva has the best laugh of anyone I know.

My grandson's soccer tournament ended today in Enid with more losses than wins, but his team enjoyed their experience being in a different city and they played with great effort. Since this was Mother's Day, my grandson handed out to each boy a red rose that was to be given to their own mother. I understand all mothers were unexpectedly surprised with this gesture of their son honoring them and there were many tears. My son, the father of my grandson, started this tradition when he was coaching his son. I was then the grandmother and I was handed a flower along with the mothers attending the game. Like father, like son!!

I hope all mothers experienced the kind of day that I have had.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Another fantastic day with my son and his fiancee!!! They are spoiling me taking me to all these places in Oklahoma. My grandson, Ryan, was in Enid coaching his under eleven boys soccer team in a tournament. His team is from Hutchinson, KS and are playing today and tomorrow in Enid. We were so pleased with Ryan's calm demeanor in coaching these young boys. Parents told us they were glad to have Ryan as the coach. The boys act as though they really like being on this team. They won one game and lost one game today and play two games tomorrow against the same teams. The team and their parents all went to the same shopping mall food court for lunch where we also went. We did some shopping and had a fun time with Ryan. College is out and Ryan plans to spend a few days with us before he returns to Sterling where he will live and work this summer. I am proud to be Ryan's grandmother!!!

Today is National Train Day and while we were in Enid we went to the Enid Train Museum. Keith took a lot of pictures. The soccer field was near the train tracks, so we heard passing trains sounding their whistles all day long. My late husband had worked for the Santa Fe Railroad for thirty-four years and he always loved hearing the sound of trains. I think it rubbed off on me because I too love that sound. My girlfriend and I plan to ride the Heartland Flyer train to Ft. Worth very soon.

Keith takes pictures of all court houses (he is an attorney) and all the high schools and their sport stadiums in every town or city he visits. We were driving all over Enid for him to take these pictures. This photo is the Enid Convention Hall and Mark Price Arena, named after the Enid High School grad who played basketball in the NBA.

The fun part of the trip was on the way to Enid. The Oklahoma State Highway Patrol pulled Keith over for speeding. The trooper was a very nice young man and just issued a warning ticket. He was interested in Keith's car because he had bought his wife a Nissan Altima and was asking Keith all sorts of questions about his Altima. Kelly and I were holding our breath when the Patrolman stopped Keith. It took a lot longer to get to and from Enid after Keith was stopped. It always takes longer when you are going the speed limit and not speeding. We talked to my other son that lives in Santa Fe, NM, but was on a weekend trip to the Mexico border. He had also been stopped for speeding but was issued a ticket. Their mother always told them to not speed and now they know why I was always warning them!!! Do I think they learned a lesson today, of course not.

I am looking forward to spending more time with Keith and Kelly tomorrow. They asked me to go out for a Mother's Day dinner. I hope all mothers are as proud of their children and grandchildren as I am mine.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I volunteered at the military museum today and had so much fun talking and listening to all the retired military guys. They are all so pleasant and well-educated, either by schooling or experience. They tell such interesting stories, stories I have never heard because I have never been around anyone in the military. George, my late husband, served in World War II but never went into battle and served his time before he and I were married. Fathers or sons of most of these men have also had a military career. One man who works at the reception desk with me has a grandson who graduated from West Point in 2005. He went to Iraq and was injured and is back home, but will have to return to complete his obligation of five years for his schooling at West Point. We all have favorites and Leon, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, is my favorite. His wit is so dry and he is so personable. I think he is everyone's favorite.

An antique dealer came to the museum to pick up a metal sign I had sold her. It is a sign that advertised the Knox give-a-way Acee Blue Eagle Indian dishes from the 1950's. I hated to part with it because I have never seen another one like it, but I have to start clearing out some of our collectibles. My late husband had his picture in the newspaper holding this sign. Once I went into an antique shop and I saw this newspaper picture and article about George and it really threw me for a moment. George had and I now have quite a collection of these Indian dishes. Anyone want to buy any or all!!!!

After returning from the museum I went to the mall and walked. I had walked enough around the museum, but not at a fast pace. I can tell now I am losing inches and pounds. I feel so much better and my knees aren't so stiff.

Late this evening Geneva and I went to Braum's and had a double hot fudge sundae. Now you know my secret of why I have to walk !! We don't do this often but it is always enjoyable when we do. Looking around Braum's I could see a lot of men and women who need to take up walking. This really is a fat society!!!

I just had a telephone call from my neighborhood walking buddy. She fell off the curb in front of a store and hurt her ankle and won't be walking tomorrow. She just got over an injury to herself when she fell at the gym and cut her hand and skinned her elbows and knees. I asked her if she needed glasses, and she said maybe new glasses.

It is almost time for one of my favorite TV shows (Grey's Anatomy) so I will end my posting to my blog for now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I haven't had anything to post on my blog since my exciting Saturday.

My walking is something I now am addicted to and won't miss no matter what. I either walk outdoors with a neighbor or go to the mall and walk alone. Even though it was pouring down rain today, I went to the mall and walked two miles.

Monday was a fun day because I went to Guthrie with Geneva to get the oil changed in her Trailblazer. Geneva has mentioned many times to me how much she would like to have a HUMMER. Would you believe the dealership had a yellow Hummer 3 on the lot, and, of course, we had to go look at it and sit in it. We know the salesman was laughing at us because we get in and the alarm goes off and in trying to turn the alarm off, the horn starts blaring. Geneva figured out how to stop all the alarms and we were laughing knowing the whole dealership thought it funny that two (middle aged) women were thinking about purchasing a Hummer. The salesman wanted Geneva to take it for a drive, but she decided not to. He made her a great deal that was hard to refuse, but sensibility took over and she knew with the price of gasoline, the price of repairs and parts, that it would be crazy to trade for it. Her Trailblazer has only 12,000 miles, but, as she said, she likes change and she also does not want to start having car repairs. After we left the dealership we went to Granny's Restaurant and had the most delicious buffet. If you are ever in Guthrie, you need to eat there. It is only open on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Everything tastes like homecooking. The coconut creme pie was out of this world. I wish I had a slice right this minute. Geneva and I always have fun and a lot of laughs whenever we are together.

The Village and surrounding areas were once again in the direct line of a tornado this afternoon around 5:00 pm. The sirens were sounding and that is my clue to take precautions. I always get in an inside closet. I feel this is the safest place in my house. I take my cordless telephone and several people called me inquiring about my safety while I was in the closet. Thanks to all who read this blog and know you were one of the people who called me. The storm passed with little or no damage. A neighbor's tree split and fell and he had to remove it from his driveway before he could park in his driveway.

I was cooking for the first time in a long time when the storm suddenly came up. I had to turn off the oven, microwave, and tabletop stove before going to the closet. After the storm passed I finished cooking salmon patties, baked potato, and baked asparagus. If everytime I cook it storms, then I have a legitimate reason for not cooking.

Tomorrow is another volunteer day at the military museum. I am looking forward to seeing my new best friends.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


What a day I have had!! I went to El Reno, OK to the 20th Annual Hamburger Festival with my son and his fiancee. El Reno celebrates Burger Day the first Saturday in May. It is attended by thousands to get a glimpse and a taste of what is billed as the "WORLD'S LARGEST ONION-FRIED BURGER." The hamburger is constructed in front of the public and the public appreciates the work that is involved in the construction of this mammoth burger. After the burger and onions have cooked and placed on the bottom bun, mustard and pickles are added, and the top bun is then carefully placed to complete the finished endeavor of many volunteers. A cookie cutter is used to cut serving-sized burgers to the hungry and eager crowd. I managed to receive a burger and a picture accompanies this blog. There was also a car show of beautiful vintage and unusual cars and we visited with my friend, Geneva's, daughter, Susie and her husband, Jim. They have a gorgeous silver Corvette on display. They belong to a Corvette club and travel to different cities with their Corvette.

The author of the book "Hamburger America" a State-by-State Guide to 100 Great Burger Joints, George Motz, (pictured with me below) was in El Reno to participate in Burger Day and we purchased three autographed books from him. He crosses the country to find the best burgers in the nation. My son and his fiancee have eaten at three of the burger restaurants mentioned in his book. My son, Scott, lives in Santa Fe, NM and his very favorite place to eat is the Bobcat Bite Restaurant. Bobcat Bite is listed in the book. Other burger restaurants listed in Oklahoma, besides the three El Reno places (Sid's, Johnnie's and Robert's), are Folger's (Ada), Meers (Meers), J&W Grill (Chickasha), Hamburger King (Shawnee). Oklahoma is well represented for having some of the best burgers in America.

After we left El Reno we decided to have lunch in Okarche, OK at Eischen's. Oklahoma's Oldest Bar. There isn't a menu and the recommendation is chicken. The three of us ordered two whole fried chickens, fried okra, and drinks. The dinner came accompanied with bread, sliced onions, and lots of two different kinds of pickles. We all were stuffed and had a doggy bag to bring home. We highly recommend Eischen's but go early as there is always a long line. It is a very popular place to eat.

We arrived home in time to watch the 134th Kentucky Derby. The favorite, Big Brown, easily won, but the second place winner, Eight Belles (only filly in the field) broke both front ankles and had to immediately be euthanized. What a tragedy for this beautiful and magnificent horse!!!

The day has not ended and, who knows, I might still be in for more excitement!!! (to be continued if anything else happens)

Friday, May 2, 2008


Friday is always my day to run errands, but now that gasoline is so expensive ($3.40/gal.), I find I run the whole week's errands in one day. Too bad I don't have a motorcycle!!! I am not the only one that feels we are being taken at the pumps. I can stay home and not drive, but I am having too much fun going whenever and wherever I want to. My girlfriends and I take turns driving to events and that helps.

I haven't caught up on my lost sleep from my Tunica trip. There were storms all around us last night, I am told, and I slept so soundly that I did not hear the thunderstorm and hailstorm. That is a first for me and several neighbors have told me what a loud and fierce storm came rolling through my area around 1:00 AM this morning. I am glad I slept through it, but I have told my son, Keith, to call me the next time we have such bad weather during the night. There was no damage from the hail, but several of my geranium plants were toppled.

My son, his fiancee, and I just returned from our Friday night eating out. Tonight we all chose Ann's Chicken Fried Steak Restaurant on NW 39th Street. The three of us chose the chicken fried steak dinners and we agreed it was delicious and so satisfying. I wonder where we will choose next Friday. They realize I have no companion to share these outings with and they include me whenever possible. The restaurant allows guests to write their names and comments on the brick wall and directly behind our table, my neighbors, Ralph and Mildred, had written their comments. Keith wrote our names and comment near their names.

The TV storm coverage kept me from watching my favorite TV show, Grey's Anatomy. Many shows were preemptied and could be watched in the wee hours of the morning, but then the storm coverage preemptied those shows. I have the movie "27 Dresses" to watch tonight. I feel like I have been wearing 27 "hats" since my husband died. I can never get caught up on everything. I do the best I can but sometimes the best isn't good enough. My son and his fiancee are always near and ready to assist me anytime I need them, and that is comforting to know.

This has been a busy, but enjoyable day with the highlight of the day being with Keith and Kelly.