Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So many events have occurred in my life since I last posted on my blog on September 3rd. I will try and update everything that has occurred since that posting.

My son, Scott, enjoyed my September 3rd posting on his birthday. Our family and friends enjoyed the baby picture of Scott and the picture of the two brothers together, one newborn and the other brother seven years old.

Oklahoma City was a receiving location for Hurricane Gustav evacuees from New Orleans. A building formerly occupied by Lucent Technologies was prepared for 2,000 displaced people and their pets. My son, his fiancee and I went out to see the buses rolling in and actually talked to a very nice couple. The couple we spoke with thought Oklahoma City had prepared for them very well, all the necessities were being provided. They were very happy to be in a clean, safe place. Thank God the levees held and Hurricane Gustav did not devastate New Orleans once again. All evacuees were able to return to their homes in just a few days.

Tuesday, September 11th was the seventh anniversary (2001) of the terrorists attacks on America. From the horror of the attacks there is a fierce resolve that terrorism may wound, but will never defeat us. We will prevail over this catastrophic day. Memorials were held for those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Shanksville, PA. This act of terrorism has changed, not only America, but the World.

I am sorry to say that a friend of my late husband and me has passed away. Pat became a friend when she moved from California to Oklahoma City to be close to her daughter, Janie, my former daughter-in-law. Grandma "O", as we all called her, became a member of our extended family because she was the other grandmother of my two grandchildren. Pat had been suffering from the effects of emphysema and related illnesses for many years. She lived in OKC a short time before allergies forced her to move to a drier climate. She relocated in NM and close to her son and remained in NM until her health worsened and her daughter brought her back to OKC to care for her. Her health kept deteriorating and she spent her last days in the hospital and a skilled nursing center. Janie made many sacrifices to provide the care that her mother required. There were many sleepless nights to ensure that her mother had her breathing treatments, many trips to the doctors and hospital, and the daily care she provided for the comfort of her mother. It is not easy being a caregiver and we all have some remorse after a death that maybe we could have done more. Only God knew Grandma O's death was imminent. Grandma O and friend, rest in peace.

My grandson, who is going to college in KS on a soccer scholarship, has just broken the all time school's record of number of goals made. The former holder of the record returned early from his honeymoon to be there when the record was broken. Ryan didn't let him down. The game ball was given to Ryan and his teammates cheered for him. Since that game, he has made two more goals. Records are to be broken and I want to congratulate Ryan on his achievement.

Since I last posted on my blog, I have been out to eat many times, volunteered at the military museum, and took bus trips to casinos (finally came home with $52.00 more than I left home with.) I have met more interesting visitors to the museum. We have had visitors from Russia, Belgium, England, South Africa, and almost every state in the U.S. There is to be a reunion of the 45th Infantry Division's Association the latter part of this month and at that time I will meet many former military men who have been in the different wars or was a member of the National Guard.

Sunday the 14th was my son's fiancee's birthday. We had a delightful dinner at an Italian restaurant and lots of fun and laughter. Kelly's daughter, two sons and their girlfriends, Keith, Kelly and I were all together and I can't speak for everyone but I enjoyed myself immensely. Only one of Kelly's sons could not be there. He lives in another state too far away to attend. Of course, we sang (off tune) Happy Birthday to Kelly. The restaurant provided the dessert for Kelly and we all took a bite to join in on her celebration. Kelly is always giving to everyone and I hope we were able to provide pleasure to her in this small way. Birthdays are to be celebrated with the ones we love and there was a lot of love for Kelly at our table.

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Judy said...

Gosh, You really have been busy! Congrats to your grandson and to Kelly on her birthday. I am so sorry about your friend, too. I enjoyed reading about all the things you have been doing lately.